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What Psychotherapy/Psychology is ?
This is an extraordinarily diverse field with hundreds of Specialities, like caring for the mentally ill people, assisting in personal growth and development to helping with designing of advanced computer systems and so on.
You have the Professionals such as Sports Psychologists,
Stock Market Psychologists and so on.  Psychology has an application in every field in career and life. 
What Practicing Psychotherapists/Psychologists 
do ?
Practicing Psychotherapists/Psychologists are qualified Professionals who provide Consultation and treatment for people of all ages. 
To illustrate – some areas include:
  • Health and Wellness
  • Pain Management
  • Psychological Trauma management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Parenting and Family Concerns
  • Marital and Relationship Issues
  • Learning and Attention difficulties
  • Career Planning and Life Transitions
  • Personal Growth and development
  • Habit Disorders and Behavior Therapy
  • Substance Abuse
  • Problem Gambling
  • Workplace Stress
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Employability Skill development
  • Soft skills development
  • School Refusal Interventions
  • College Refusal Interventions
  • Terminal Illness Counseling
  • Patient Counseling
  • Student Counseling
  • Parent Counseling
  • Adolscent Behaviour Interventions
  • Personality Fine Tuning
  • Facilitator
If you are interested in a Career as a Psychotherapist/ Psychologist/Facilitator, you have to first complete a Master’s Degree in Psychology/ Psychotherapy and Counseling/Applied Psychology/Forensic  Psychology/ Social Work or equivalent from a recognized University/Institute. 
You are free to take your own time and do research so as to arrive at your choice decision.  Your choice discipline should match your interests and aptitudes.