Education and Training

Education & Training Requirements
A Master’s Degree in Psychology or Psychotherapy and Counseling or Psychotherapy or Clinical Psychology or Applied Psychology or Educational Psychology or Positive Psychology or equivalent from a recognized University/Institute with adequate training and experience in counseling skills is essential to work as a Practicing Professional in this field primarily aiming to enhance the emotional intelligence in individuals.
To illustrate, few Typical Courses are indicated below: 
» M.Sc. in Psychology
» M.Sc. in Applied Psychology
» M.Sc. in Counseling and Psychotherapy
» M.A. in Psychology
» M.S.W. (Master of Social work)
» M.Sc. in Counseling
» M.Sc. in Forensic Psychology
» M.Sc. in Mental Health
» M.Sc. in Clinical psychology
» M.S. in Counseling and Psychology
» M.Sc. in Yoga
» M.A. in Child Care and Development 
» M.Sc. in Geriatric Care
» M.Phil in any related areas. Doctorate in any related areas. or equivalent or related higher qualifications 
Association of Porfessional Counselling Psychologists (APCP) would be glad to provide information on the above. Master’s Degree Programs and Practical Training faclities, if asked for. 
Employment and Advancement: Psychologists/Psychotherapists work in: 
» Mental Health Clinics 
» Correctional facilities 
» Hospitals 
» Private Practices 
» Rehabilitation Centres 
» Schools 
» Business and Industrial settings 
» Post Secondary Institutions. 
In developed and advanced countries world over, increasingly Psychologists/Psychotherapists or Qualified Counselors are employed in Program development and evaluation, Community consultation and the administration of social services and mental health services provided by government and community agencies. 
Owing to globalization and the rapid overall progress taking place in our country, we sincerely expect our Government also would extend financial and political support to this Universal Mental Health Program and in that event thousands of Counseling Psychologists/Psychological Counselors would be required in Kerala at every School or College or Panchayat or Community centers to tackle common man’s mental health/emotional issues at affordable cost. Implementation of this Project would reduce suicides, aggression on children, women and others; impart skills of learning to learn, preparing individuals for an unknown tomorrow land and also help many to build self confidence for a peaceful living in this God’s Own Land.