Reach educational counseling in every Kerala School

We all know that home environment of the individual pupil is of the great significance of School College learning.  The school and home compliments each other in education and socializing the pupil.  Most learning problem arise from poor home conditions and lack of understanding  on the part of parents as well as teachers.  Counselors could render yeoman service by helping parents and teachers understand their children and pupils better.  Counselors could also help the pupils gain better understand of their own needs, aspirations and cravings and help them plan their educational and vocational goals.
The high school years for children are co-terminus with their early adolescence and post-puberty years.  The need for helping young boys and girls deal with problems of growing up, is great.  They tend to become emotionally high strung, develop fads and fetishes and if not suitably helped in time to outlive them, may become emotionally crippled. This is what is happening now.  It is during this stage that there is tremendous all round development in them.  Unfortunately the only obvious aspect, namely, physical development, is given much attention.  The adolescents have their individualistic ideas, interest and emotions and are keen to express them and look forward to proper recognition and encouragement. The counselor’s role with the high /higher secondary school pupils lies in showing warmth, understanding and friendliness by which a teacher  can win the confidence and trust of the pupils and with the help of these, desirable attitudes, interests and goals can be inculcated.  The counselor can help the pupil gain insight into his problems and help resolve some of their problems which could assume tremendous proportion if neglected at this stage.  Another important aspect is to help the pupil develop vocational consciousness, occupational interest and related goals. Most societies hold academic achievements to be an important goal for adolescents.  The counselor can help avoid serious frustrations by trying to relate abilities and interests to the academic pursuits of the pupils.  Implementation of this Action  Plan would result in a desirable social change in Kerala.