Create more Career/Self employment Opportunities

As we have dealt with else where in this website, there is tremendous demand for Mental Health Healers, Student Counselors, Career Counselors, Student and Family Counsellors, Marriage Relationship Therapists, and in the related fields. Either one may go for a job or opt for private practice. Personnel from undermentioned groups are best suited to take up this career and fill the gap in the social environment.

  1. Qualified retired employees
  2. Qualified housewives/Homemakers
  3. All working professionals who have a special interest and aptitude in Psychotherapy / Psychology / Counseling.
  4. Young generation groups having aptitude and interest in this profession of Psychology/Psychotherapy.
  5. Medical doctors who have special interest in Psychotherapy / Psychology / Counseling.
  6. Advocates and other legal professionals havingspecial interest in Psychotherapy / Psychology / mediation / Counseling .
  7. Students who wish to develop their Psychometric skills, psychological growth and development.
  8. Human Resource Managers, Bank Managers, Managersof Business Houses, Engineers and similar professionals who are concerned with Man management and industrial Counseling so as to enhance productivity.

Those who take up this Domain either as a main profession or a side one, will have the opportunity to excel in his service years and thereafter become a boon to the Society as an experienced Senior Consultant in Psychological Counseling and Guidance. APCP would provide guidance to interested personnel pursue required educational programs and training to achieve this aim of creating more number of Qualified Professionals in this field.